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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility requirements for the Veteran Fellowship Program (VFP)?

  • You must be a Post-9/11 Veteran or Post-9/11 veteran spouse on terminal leave or fully exited the military by January 1 for the Spring cohort and August 1 for the Fall cohort. 

  • Motivated to invest time and energy in both the employment and education aspects of the program

  • Able to provide own transportation to and from host employer and OSDTN’s Nashville location


Is there an age limit of any type for applicants?

No, there is no age limit however, this program’s goals are to help Veterans and/or veteran spouses’ transition into the civilian workforce.

What documents do I need to submit with my application?

  • A DD-214 (if you do not have a copy of your DD-214, email vfp@osdtn.org for assistance)

  • 2 professional references

  • A current resume

  • If a spouse, copy of your veteran spouse’s DD-214 and a marriage certificate

  • A bio of no more than 250 words


Who may I talk to about the program before I decide if I want to apply?

Email the program manager at vfp@osdtn.org with your contact information and we will reach out to schedule a time to discuss the program.

What military documents are acceptable to confirm my/my spouses military service?

 A DD-214 or valid personal service record, i.e. Officer Record Brief, Enlistment Record Brief, or Personal Data Record, may be accepted as proof of service.  A DD-214 is preferred.

I am a military spouse; how do I show proof of my spouse’s service?

We will require you to upload a marriage certificate and the DD-214 of your veteran spouse.  If your veteran spouse has not received a DD-214 but will be on terminal leave by the required dates, please provide documentation detailing the separation date.   Please include this information in your application.

If your spouse will not be on terminal leave or has not exited the military before the program starts, you will not be considered for this program.  


Is a background check required for the program?

Yes.  If you are selected as a participant or an alternate for the program, we will conduct a background check and require you to take a drug test.

Is there a cost to participate in the program?

No, there are no program costs for fellows.  For the duration of the program, fellows will receive a taxable monthly stipend of $800 and a taxable wage of $10/hour.


What happens after I apply?

All applicants will receive an email upon submission of your application.  For those that advance to the next stage, interviews will be scheduled.  All applicants will be notified of selection.  If selected, you will have 7 days to accept and sign your commitment contract.

What happens if I am an alternate or not selected for the program?

Alternate: You will be notified that you are an alternate. If you are not picked up from the alternate list, you can re-apply for other cohorts.                  

Not Selected: You will get a notification.  You can re-apply for future cohorts.


Can I follow up via phone call or email regarding my application?

You will receive an email confirmation upon submission of your application and the required documents.  We will not be accepting phone calls or emails regarding the status of your application.


I am having trouble uploading my documents.  Who can I contact to help resolve this issue?

You can contact the program manager at VFP@osdtn.org.

I do not have a digital copy of my DD-214.  How can I get you that document?

Please scan your paper copy to a PDF and attach it to the application.  If you do not have any copies of your DD-214, email us at vfp@osdtn.org and we will assist you in getting a copy.

I am concerned about the security of the application process.  How are you protecting my information?

The application platform protects your information with a 256-bit encryption.

Who is going to see my information and my application?

Your application will be reviewed by the selection panel, the program manager, and prospective host employers.


Can I start my application and pick up where I left off later?

No. Our form does not have a login feature, therefore you cannot save the form and come back to it later.  We highly encourage you to write your answers in a Word document to reduce any grammatical errors and then you can paste your answers into the application. If you do not finish the online application in one sitting, you will have to start over. 

What should I do if I have completed my application, but the website will not allow me to submit the completed application?

You can email the program manager at vfp@osdtn.org and they will assist you. We strongly encourage you to complete your answers to the application questions in a Word document and save a copy for your records. 

When can I expect to hear about the status of my application?

Efforts will be made to notify all candidates of their status a month prior to the start of the cohort.   



Is there a Fellowship stipend? Will I get paid as well?

Yes, there is a stipend of $800 per month.  Yes, you will be paid $10 per hour for 32 hours a week.


Do you provide housing?

No, but we will have a list of short-term housing options around the greater Nashville area. 


What is the weekly schedule and time commitment?

  • You will work 32 hours per week with your host employer.

  • Every Friday you will attend a 3-hr business education module provided by faculty from Belmont University’s Jack C. Massey College of Business.  Also, on Fridays, you will participate in a variety of seminars, panels, learning labs, and events. 

  • Your course work could require outside time investments to complete assignments or readings.


What happens if I am hired at a different job during my time with the cohort?

You cannot start full-time work with anyone else during the cohort.

Can I take on additional work during the cohort?

We would ask you to not take on additional employment during the fellowship.

Can I take a vacation or leave during the Fellowship?

You will follow your host employer’s procedures and processes regarding time off. You will need to coordinate with your employer host for any missed workdays.


How large is the cohort?

Cohorts will vary in size based on the number of employers participating.

Education Component

What are the educational requirements to join the program?

We do not have educational requirements to join the program.

What does the course load look like?

Belmont University’s Jack C. Massey College of Business is providing non-credit, adult learning-style business acumen courses for our fellows (to learn more about Jack C. Massey College of Business: www.belmont.edu/business).  The program is a practical way for Fellows to broaden their business skills and expand their knowledge in functional business areas.  There is not a course load, but there could be some outside reading requirements.



We understand that emergencies happen.  However, if you miss 3 education Fridays you will be dropped from the program.  You will not be able to re-apply for a follow-on cohort.


Host Employment

Who are the host employers?

Host employers will be from businesses in the greater Nashville area and include businesses from industries such as entertainment, service, food/beverage, and hospitality.  Host employers may vary from cohort to cohort.

Is every fellow offered a job at the end of the program?

Permanent employment at your host business is possible but should not be expected. No employer is required to hire their fellow at the end of the program.  Graduating fellows will be aided by OSDTN in terms of job preparation, networking and job placement.


May I choose which host employer I want?

Fellows rank preference of available placements for consideration by the employers and selection panel.  An interview with the employer may be required for final placement.

What happens if I leave the employment of my host employer?

If you leave the employment of your host employer, you will be dropped from the program and will not be eligible to re-apply for a follow-on cohort.